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Do NOT Copy

Runaway Nephew

I feel awful.

My sister left her first husband because he was abusive, it was over 11 years ago. They had two children together, a boy and a girl. They are very intelligent children, but they don't look forward to spending their summers with their dad. They moved to Ohio about 7 years ago over their father's heavy protests. He tried to block them from moving and failed.

They got poor grades this year (again) and I guess their father thinks he can do a better job of making the two teenagers get better grades. He sued for custody for a third time, but this time he actually won. I'm not exactly sure how since he strangled my sister, my niece was afraid to shower after coming home from summer vacation one year, is a recovering alcoholic, has been in and out of jail several times for various reasons, I could go on and on. How does a man like that get custody???

What will he be able to do to make them get better grades? They're teenagers! My sister was (is) very smart too, but she did the same thing in high school. Teenagers are so self absorbed and into image I don't know that a strict dad frowning at them for getting bad grades will really do much. My parents couldn't get my sister to apply herself no matter what they did, but no one ever tried to take her away from them because they thought they could do a better job raising her!

Needless to say my nephew didn't want anything to do with living with his father full time, so he ran away. I can't say that I really blame him, but the life of a runaway is a really tough too. I am concerned for him, my niece, and my sister too. So much stress to deal with. Heaven ripped open it's flood gates onto my family and it's been pouring for a couple of years now! AHHH!!!!!

I would appreciate it if you could pray for their health and safety as well as a reverse on the custody decision. He doesn't deserve to have custody of them!

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