Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

She's Gone. I'll miss you Anna!

I just went to see what Anna was up to. I noticed that she dismantled her blog. We sure had some good times. I met her when we were both going through the nail biting experience of selling our houses. Thank God she was able to get hers sold. She was kind enough to offer great advise that I followed religiously in an attempt to get my house sold. Mine still hasn't sold and we're almost on 2 years now. There are so many things we have been going through together, it's eerie!

Then there was the planning and decorating our homes/basement. Now that's another hair raising experience. Talk about trials and tribulations, nothing ever being on schedule,....

We have so much in common! We were off topic and laughing like madwomen about cleaning frenzies (method cleaners anyone?), candy offering to singers who attend our open hoses, and other colorful topics not neccessarily related to Get it Sold.

The thing that brought us both to blotanical was being harrassed on the message boards at HGTV. We both left the message boards in tears, we had made some great friends there but our posts were always disappearing and I think we felt that we were being picked on over there. I'm glad I came here and met so many more nice people, but I'll always miss the people I met on the message boards at HGTV. I wish they'd stop by and visit me sometime!

Now that we're both settled into our new homes we had planning and planting of our new yards and gardens to tackle as well as unpacking and endless chores.

She has helped cheer me up when I felt I was at my lowest point and nobody in the world cared for me or if I were even alive. She offered me friendship when I felt I had none, even though it's a virual friendship she offered me much needed hugs (and chocolate). She could always bring a smile to my face even when I felt like I was drowning and could never break the surface of the water.

Here's to you, Anna. May God bless the next chapter in your life. He has blessed me with you, no matter how long you were placed in my life, you will always be dear to my heart!

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