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Do NOT Copy

4th of July Patriotic Crafts

We stayed home and did a bunch of crafts. By we I mean Peanut and I, TBO was too interested in video games and sports cards. Anyway, we made a bunch of fun things. I thought I would share some of the more patriotic items.

There was a whole lot of painting going on around here. Peanut made a flat popsicle stick house which was painted red. The sky was blue of course. Here she is working diligently on her project.

My first project was a popsicle stick flag. I couldn't figure out how to get 13 popsicle sticks glued to the two back supports I used, so I just did 11. I alternated red and white. We had a bunch of wooden shape laying around, so I thought I would use all wood to make the project more consistant. The wooden square started peeling up and bending, so I had to weigh it down to get it to be flat again.

Peanut's next project was a "bird". She was trying to make it in the red, white, and blue theme. She unwrapped the popsicle stick and painted it blue. She rewrapped it with the white yarn and added red feathers for wings. Quite a neat little project actually. She hauled it off to play with it, so I have no idea where it is right now.

We had a ton of these little pots laying around here. I picked them up from a garage sale a couple of years ago. I painted it and let it dry. I think I will be putting some fake red, white, and blue flowers in it to finish the project out. I will also varnish the exterior to prevent the paint from flaking off or becoming damaged.

Alright, this really isn't a red, white, and blue themed project. I really liked it anyway. Peanut was excited to be able to make a project that she could also wear.

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