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Preparing for the Dogs

Monday is MIL's sister's funeral. Since Cheesehead wasn't able to get off of work, we are watching MIL's dog (and ours). Angel hasn't been to the "new" house yet. I use that term relatively loosely since we've lived here two years.

Angel stayed with MIL and FIL when we were in the moving process. Speedy and Sweetie did too, until we bought our new house and closed on it. After the house became ours, it was our intention to bring all of the pets here. They stayed until September when we actually closed on this house, about 3 and a half months in all. In that amount of time FIL had really bonded with Angel.

He had collapsed at work from a seizure a couple of weeks after Cheesehead started his new job. He wasn't able to work in that amount of time, so he spent all of his time at home with the dogs. When it came time to take the pets home, we had just found out FIL was given a year to live. He was so sad that we were taking his Angel away from him. We just didn't have the heart to take her away. We took the cats and went on our merry way. Once FIL died last year MIL had also become attatched to her. She was very depressed and we though Angel could help her cope with her loss so she still stayed.

Now MIL needs to go to Iowa for her sister's funeral but doesn't have the money to pay for a kennel. I know BIL would prefer a kennel since he calls Angel "his" dog and I think he knows once she comes home with us, she won't want to leave with them.

Their dog Beauty is a complete spaz because she lacks the training that I gave to Angel. I just know she's going to drive me completely bonkers! I dragged the dog kennel up by the house since we only have 3 sides, that way I'll have a place to send naughty dogs without having to worry about what they'll do to the baby birds in the front yard. Cheesehead was worried I'd want to attach the kennel to the house. I'd rather get another panel for it so I have a way to protect my future vegetable garden from the deer. I don't want to leave holes in the siding when I move it for my garden.

I also moved the cat food dish up high so the dogs wouldn't eat it all. I investigated baby gates in town to keep them away from the litter boxes, but I decided I'd try to put the end pannels of Peanut's old crib across the door to keep them out of there instead of having to spend all of that money on something we won't need for long. After all, I'm sure we'll get those doors stained and installed soon.

I think we're about ready for them now. We are meeting them in Catawba tomorrow to get the dogs. The kids are so excited.

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