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Another Road Trip For a 90th Birthday Party

This wasn't as adventure some or stress-filled as the last trip. (Praise the LORD!)Well, unless you could the nagging from the children during a 6 hour total trip.

MIL and BIL had relegated kids to the "trunk" of the van on the bench seat so they could sit in comfort in the mid van captain's chairs. Apparently they didn't see a reason WHY we assigned the kids each to their own row. Gee, we just must have wanted to torture them, right?

You who are parents know where I'm going with this, I bet. It was almost constant the whole trip. "He's on my side of the car." "She won't share her paper." "Are we there yet?" "She won't let me use her gameboy!" "I'm hungry." "He got to play games first, it's my turn." "He took my toy." "She spilled my cars." On and on and on... They were also talking rather loudly in their boisterous play between their numerous complaints.

THANK GOD they didn't go to Iowa with us earlier this week! Whose brilliant idea was it for them to leave all of their movies and toys at our house anyway?

Oh, did I tell you MIL wanted them to stay there with her until this weekend? They got here just a few minutes before we had to take off for the birthday party, shoved all of the kids' stuff inside, loaded them in the van, took care of the dogs, and we took off. Maybe I should have gone through the kids' bags before we left the house.

Well, needless to say MIL and BIL were none too pleased with riding in back near the kids after this trip. They didn't complain *much* when we made BIL sit in the trunk with one of the kids on the return trip to my house.

The party was very nice. There was a DJ, pig roast, dunk tank, games for the kids, roasted corn on the cob, trivia, and lots of animals for Peanut to watch.

Cheesehead had a good time visiting with his grandpa. It's hard to believe he's 90 already. (Grandpa, NOT Cheesehead). The kids have met him before, but apparently they were too young to really remember it. They just stood and stared at him mostly. They're extremely talkative at home so it was weird hearing them be so quite. TBO talked football a bit with Grandpa. Maybe they've just forgotten how to behave around a real, live grandpa??? It's been a while, they didn't even seem to remember they had one left anymore.

I got a bunch of pictures from the party, but this one is one of my favorites.

Despite all of the driving and extremely high cost of gas, the trips made this week were worth it. MIL was very pleased to be able to make both of these big events in such a short period of time. At least I didn't have to drive this time, so I got some reading done when were weren't chatting.

I forgot to ask her all of those family tree questions I came up with though dang it. I actually have quite a few pages of family information from my families. Cheesehead was able to supply me with two names that I couldn't come up with and no birthdays. Oh well, maybe next time.

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