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Do NOT Copy

My Wonderful Wildflower Meadow

Cheesehead had debated with me if we should mow all the way to the road from our yard. I'm so glad we decided not to. I just LOVE the natural look! I wish we hadn't planted some trees in here now, I'm sure they'll completely change the landscape if we allow them to keep growing here.

Our wild area covers all of the way from the road. We have a small front yard where the kids can run and play games or ball. One day we will get it growing lush and thick, doesn't look like we'll have that in our yard this year. The wildflowers though are blooming their heads off. We have so many daisies, aren't they wonderful? I debated picking a few to put in a vase inside once again. They have been blooming SO long that I forgot I had this conversation with myself already this year.

There are even some small daisy like flowers. I'm not sure what they are, but I tried to get them and the daisy together in a shot. The petals and leaves are pretty different too. They're not just babies, that's for sure. Look at the frilly edges on the little flowers.

Remember those pretty blossoms I talked about earlier this spring? Here are the berries that I told you about on the fourth of July post. I hope some are allowed to ripen so I get to taste them too, don't they look yummy?

Man, I sure got rid of a lot of these. Now I'm annoyed that I acted so quickly, but none of them had produced anything before. Oh well, I guess it won't help to whine and complain about it. I can't go back in time and undo it anyway. I may decide to transplant these in the future though since I'd like to keep a few of them around here.

We also have some yellow and orange flowers still blooming. Most of them have gone to seed though. Their seed heads remind me of a dandelion with all that fluff. I think that these could be the same plant, they're the same except flower color.

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