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Do NOT Copy

Shed Building 101... part 2

In this installment we will discuss the floor of our shed.

We wanted to make sure that the floor was throughly secured to the frame, so Cheesehead chose these rafter ties to attatch it to the base we installed to raise it off of the ground. Cheesehead's coworkers teased and laughed a bit, but this shed is going to be built to last!

It is a rather big shed at 12x16, so before installing the 3/4 inch plywood floor, Cheesehead went through and added an extra support in the floor between each of the pre-built frames. We will be having some heavier equipment sitting on this floor and we didn't want the floor to warp. He centered each green treated piece of plywood in between each of the frames which he then proceeded to nail into place.

Once that was finished, it was time to install the plywood. It comes in full 4x8sheets. We took it and placed in on the floor. Then we traced out the supports from the frame which we would need to cut out in order to have flooring all the way throughout the shed. If we hadn't done that, there would be a large gap all the way around the edge and there would be nothing for the ends of the floor to be attatched to either.

After the template was drawn, we used a drill on the corners of the squares to create turning points for the jig saw. The jigsaw took out the extra pieces of wood to make the floor fit into place.

Once it was completely seated into the correct position it was time to secure it into place.

Cheesehead did this with a framing nailer a friend generously loaned us for use on this project. Five more sheets to go and this floor will be done! At least the middle pieces don't have to be cut. Sorry, I don't have a picture of the finished product just yet as we only got 1/2 of the floor done the other day before moving to the final wall. You might say we're a little ADD when it comes to completeing a project. Although to be completely fair it DID start to rain....

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