Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Diving for Cover

Holy cow, those bluebirds are really becoming overprotective of their nest. Or maybe it's their helpers. Whoever it was refused to allow me to clean the birdbath OR add fresh water to it. I couldn't take care of my flowers either today.

I mean, I can see trying to protect the nest when someone is showing interest in it. When you're just minding your own business, it's just plain crazy.

Granted the birdbath IS extrememly near to the nest. I had my back to the nest with scrub brush in hand. Do you see that little plaster thing hanging from the tree directly above the birdbath? THAT'S where they built the nest. See what I mean? It is a bit close, so I'm trying not to be too annoyed at being kicked out of my garden. I'll be fine as long as none of the flowers die.

I sure hope the water doesn't get too horribly bad before the babies leave the nest. I suppose it will end up being any day now. It's supposed to be about 20 days from the time they hatch until they fledge, isn't it?

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