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Do NOT Copy

Empty Nest

No, the kids aren't old enough to move out just yet. I'm talking about the baby bluebirds.

It sure was quite out in the yard this morning as we went out for our shopping trip. I scanned the usual guard posts and they were all abandoned, not a bluebird in sight. I decided to risk a hidden wrath from the mad flying birds and took a peek in the nest. Nothing. It was empty, not even a feather left behind. They sure clear out fast! It almost makes it seem that they were running from the law.

I told MIL and she thought something got to them. I think they fledged. It was one day less than I thought I had, but it seemed extremely crowded in there for four babies when I sauntered casually down the driveway one my way to the mailbox. I could see movement with not a speck of space to spare in there. Am I wrong? Could something have eaten all four babies in so little of time?

All 4 babies were peeping up a storm when I was working in the garage yesterday afternoon. The parents must not have known I was out there since they are usually so quite you'd think they were sleeping. I saw at least 4 different bluebirds in the treetops. I think our babies have finally spread their wings and flown the coop.

Sorry Kathy, no more baby bluebird pictures for you! I even had my camera out there today. For some reason I didn't feel that an empty nest would make a very nice picture for my blog. Maybe I'm wrong though?

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