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Do NOT Copy

Garden Whimsy

Why do you put statues in your garden? If I were to make a guess, I'd say most people buy statues because they think they are beautiful or artistic or connect with them in some way.

I got mine because they were cute. Well, truth be told, the price was right too. I used to sell Home and Garden Party, so I accumulated many of them to display at parties. They were just so darned cute I couldn't bear to part with them once the pieces were discontinued. Some of my favorites are the angels, but I will post them another day. Today Debbi wants whimsical. Here are a few of my favorites!

Any gal just has to adore a good planter. I don't have anything planted in here right now because there are no drain holes and I don't want to break it. The plants I had in here were over watered by Peanut, my overzealous garden assistant. Ooops!

I have quite a collection of feeder type statuary too. I think this one is cute. It's called it takes two. I just love the cats trying to work together to get a lunch. Somehow I think the bird will see them before it becomes lunch though. I probably should have discarded this piece since the top got a hole in it from our contractor's reroofing job a couple of years ago. I'll fill it with cement or something someday to fix it.

Last but not least is my frog gazing ball. I think this is perhaps the most whimsical piece in my yard art collection. I think he is trying to gaze inside to see his inner prince.

Hmm, come to think of it maybe that's why so many toads like to hop around my garden!

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