Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

I Know you Didn't ask for my Advise, but...

I had a rough day today and thought I might share a couple of tips I wish I had thought of earlier. Just a bunch of random thoughts!

1. Never hurry while carrying a large 7 foot tall ladder, you many loose your footing on an uneven gravel driveway and bang yourself up pretty darn good.

2. Don't allow your son to play catch with himself by throwing you tennis balls on the roof of your house, they may all end up getting stuck in your gutters requiring a tall ladder to retrieve them.

3. If you're falling when carrying a ladder, it MAY be a good idea to let go of the ladder so you can break your fall. Otherwise you may end up with skinned knees, no wind, a sore elbow, and various other body parts.

4. If you are going to play tennis, do NOT play wearing sandals! They don't provide the best footing. At least I was taking it easy because of a sore body caused by an unfortunate ladder incident, that blacktop would have been really hard on me!

5. Never take your son who is used to playing baseball to play tennis with you if you'd like to get exercise other than running after balls that were hit out of bounds.

6. Do not take your pre-teen son to sit and wait for you at a dentist appointment with nothing for him to occupy himself with.

7. Also not such a good idea to promise him a pizza buffet before you know how long said appointment is going to take. I didn't get done until the buffet was closed. How was I supposed to know that my tooth cleaning appointment was going to take over an hour? Talk about grumbling.

8. When you are going to get your windshield wipers installed that you are DESPERATELY in need of, don't save it for the last stop before dinner time. Even if it is on the way to the final stop of the day.

9. If you're planning on dying your hair (or adding highlights which was my case), I don't think it's such a good idea to use panthenol hair conditioner the day before you plan on coloring. The dye didn't take too well. Or maybe it was the fact that I bought the cheapest dye my money could buy....

10. Don't allow your pre-teen son to use a paint brush filled with primer right above your head, you just MAY get a head full of primer if you do.

My loss is your gain though! If you remember to follow these simple tips, you may just have a better day than I did. Even if it was a little rough, it was still pretty fun anyway.

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