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Mystery bird

I was outside the other day checking on the baby blue birds. They are getting so big! I'm glad I left that army of green catepillars alone, look how big and happy these babies are. All four of them seem to be thriving.

These babies are either trained to pretend they're sleeping when strangers are nearby or they're the most tired little birds I ever met. I accidentally woke them up the other day when I was locked out, but other than that I've never heard a peep from them.

As I was taking this latest picture I was being dive bombed by one of the parents. They were going by so fast and making all of these strange clicking sounds. I didn't even see which one it was. It was crazy.

I didn't have the time to hang around and see who it was since I was on my way out to bring Cheesehead some lunch on my birthday. He had to work 8am-10pm that day. His lunch pail just wasn't big enough for that much food and "ice cubes" and I knew I'd want to see him after being gone 2 days.

I was too tired to check when I got home after dinner, all I wanted to do was rest and get on the internet.

When we were outside yesterday working on the shed I saw two blue birds that looked identical fly away from the nest together. I used to think that it was mom and dad when I saw them together, but I have since seen that mama isn't that blue. I have seen more than one on several occassions, but usually not three of them. Mom bird was obvious of course but who is that other bird?

I wonder if it's an other brother helping the parents protect the nest. Maybe Grandpa came to visit? Was Dad showing off his babies to a good friend and neighbor? Weird. Usually I've just seen one at a time and didn't give much thought to it. What do you think?

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