Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Questions, Tidbits, and Tips from a VERY LONG trip

WHEW! What a trip. These last two days have dragged on FOREVER! I had to amuse myself with some silly things to share about it.

Let me start out with the tips portion of this post.

1. Don't ever drive 900 miles in two day's time. Just not great for the body, especially not the back or legs. If you do choose to do this much driving, please remember to take more than 2 breaks per trip half. I would also have someone else who is able to drive come along with you. We didn't take breaks for a reason I won't discuss here, but this way of travelling is NOT a way that I'm accustomed to.

2. If it's raining hard enough to only be able to see less than 100 feet in front of the vehicle you're driving, you should probably pull over. This may mean sitting on the side of the road for 3 hours, but man was I stressed out after that drive! Dodging tree branches in the road, driving over puddles so large they are almost flooding out the whole road, and squinting at barely visible road signs to make sure you're still on the correct route was not so very fun.

3. If you're bringing clothes that you THINK will be comfortable to drive in, you may want to make sure they actually ARE comfortable. The deep creases in the back of my legs from the seem in my skirt tell me that the skirt I chose to wear wasn't the best choice.

4. If you are planning on interstate travel, bring a map for more than one state with you. If you get lost in IOWA and only have a WISCONSIN map, it's not very helpful to getting back on the proper course.


1. I had known that it APPEARED that lightning bugs glowed in the dark. I thought it may just seem like they do because of light reflecting off their body. They really DO glow in the dark, the bug guts on my van's windshield where the wipers can't reach was proof of that. It glowed for almost a minute after the fateful event.

2. I have never been in a funeral procession before where I was far enough up the line to be considered part of the procession. We were driving around Davenport through stop signs and red lights. I felt like I was being really naughty, I've never been able to do these things before.

Now for the questions that occured to me as I was driving.

1. I know that people who chase storms are called storm chasers. What do you call people who run away from storms? Storm runners?

2. Why do some places put the turn signs right where you're SUPPOSED to turn and others place signs the street BEFORE you're supposed to turn? That's a good way to get lost in a driving rain storm!

3. Aren't storms SUPPOSED to head NORTHEAST instead os SOUTHWEST? Um, HELLO! When 1/2 of a 6 hour trip is spent in the poring rain it gets more than a little annoying, especially when the cloud span is almost a whole state wide.

Edited to add:

P.S. Make sure you have good windshield wiper blades even if there's just a remote possibility of rain! At least this is on the passenger side...

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