Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Needed: Weight Loss Advise and Healthy Recipes!

My oldest child just went in for a physical today. He needs one every year because he plays Pop Werner Football. He has gained 30 some odd pounds in the last year. Now, I know he doesn't eat the healthiest in the world. I know how he should eat and he doesn't. That being said, I REALLY don't think he has such horrible eating habits that he should have gained so much weight in such a short period of time. He's not the most active child out there either, but he's in football, basketball, and baseball so it's not like he's a completely lazy sloth either!

He has been rapidly gaining weight since he was 5, but no where near this big of rise. Since then, I have been asking the doctors what's wrong with him. They seemed to think it was all my fault and that I just needed to stop letting him drink so much pop, juice, and stuff. They wouldn't believe that I don't let him have stuff like that very often. Until this trip.

The pediatrician has referred him to an endocrinologist. FINALLY! Not that I WANT him to have a problem or anything, don't get me wrong. I'm just thinking that I'm glad that someone finally believes me.

So now he's officially been put on a diet. Well, not an official diet or anything but he needs to eat healthier.

He hates fruits and vegatables, I need ways to help him learn to like them without adding fat to them. He is 10 and prefers red meat and white starches to anything else, the worst things for him I know!

So... if anyone has helpful weight loss hints to share that would be helpful to use with him I would greatly appreciate it! Recipes that are healthy would also be well received.

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