Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Would you Join us for Lunch?

I tried to sneak some extra veggies into son's lunch today. He didn't seem to mind the spinach I had in our salad the other day. What did I do?

I cut up two grilled chicken breasts. I put 2 pickles, 2 radishes, and a stalk of celery into my food chopper and finely chopped them. I then added some light mayonaise and served the chicken salad on a bed of spinach on whole wheat bread. I thought it sounded good.

He likes the fruit I served, so I just thinly sliced them and placed them on the plate next to the sandwich. To drink was a glass of mandarin orange flavored water. I thought it was really good.

I even used a small plate to trick the mind into thinking it had a full plate of food.

Apparently he didn't like it though, he didn't even eat a bite of the sandwich. Grrr. Better luck next time, I hope. I have quite a bit left over too. I dread the thought of attempting to feed this to Peanut when she returns from Grandma's house. Did I make a bad combination?

Hopefully I'll have better luck with dinner. I am going to bake some boneless, skinless chicken breasts along with some carrots. I'll also serve a nice big salad with it along with light salad dressing. Does that sound like a bad idea?

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