Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Thank you Lisa!

I was so happy when I got the mail yesterday. Look what was waiting for me.

Lisa @ Millertime emailed me and told me she had put the package of hostas for my shade garden in the mail. She even labelled them all for me any everything. Isn't she just the sweetest to cheer me up with wonderful plants????

My hands were trembling as I tore open the tape on the box. I got so impatient I went and got the scissors to cut the tape. I felt like a kid on her birthday. I knew what was in the box, and I was just DYING to get to these beauties!

She wanted to know how they travelled, so I took this picture of them. They appeared to be very comfortable in their cozy box.

There are 7 different kinds of hostas here, aren't they the bomb? I can't wait until it cools down a bit so I can expand my shade garden. It is bursting at the seems and begging for an expansion project already. I'll be happy to oblige once this heat and humidity lightens up. In the mean time, they'll have to make their homes in pots for a while.

Thanks again Lisa for your kindness and generosity. These hostas will be very happy in their new home as long as I can manage to keep the deer away from them.

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