Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Unexpected Road Trip

Well, we were all just getting settled in and falling into a good rhythm when RING. I get a phone call. It's MIL wondering if I can still bring her to Iowa. Apparently BIL has a sinus infection bad enough for them to want to hospitalize him after his trip to the ER today. YIKES!

So, the trip's back on. I leave tomorrow morning. I guess today's 2 hours driving was a bit of a waste! Oh well. I want to do this for MIL. A final chance for her to say goodbye to her sister. So, here's hoping that everyone is well behaved for travelling tomorrow. At least the dogs will be able to stay with BIL! I'll be out for a few days.

I guess birthday plans are going to be changed now too. No free Culver's sundae for me, my coupon will be expired when I get back. Why would you make it so a coupon expires ON your birthday anyway? Weird!

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