Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

THE Best Chili I Ever Made

As you may know, I am trying to help my family eat healthier. I finely chopped many vegetables and added them to the meat mixture. I didn't tell them what I put in it until they all finished their meals. They were raving about it too. There was so much deep, robust flavor I just HAD to come and share it with you.

I browned about a pound and a half of hamburger in a non-stick skillet, w/o any oil. I'm sure ground turkey would have been a healthier option, but I'm trying to ease into the flavor changes gradually. Maybe next time?

The meat cooked in it's natural fats. Once some of the fat had cooked out of the meat, I added (all finely chopped in my Pampered Chef Food Chopper prior to adding to the meat)1/2 of a white onion, 1/2 of a green pepper, 2 of MIL's small jars of canned tomatoes, 3 radishes, and 5 stalks of celery.

Cook until vegetables are tender. Then I drained the fat (which I'm saving for a future soap making project) and added it to the crock pot. I also added 1 can dark red kidney beans, 1 can chili beans, 2 cans tomato sauce, and 2 cans of tomatoes.

Cook on high for 3-5 hours covered. Stir occassionally. Serve and enjoy.

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