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Garden Blogger's Bloom Day August 2008

I am happy, yet saddened at the same time with my flowers this month. Why? Well, my flowers are often don come October here. Since it's so cold already I don't know if I'll even make it that long with blooms this year.

I was so happy to see that my hydrangea that I planted last year, my new rose I planted this spring, and a hosta are all about ready to bloom. I was checking on them while we were grilling our dinner at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon but I didn't get my camera out there since we had to have dinner in before we left for football at 5. I get home about 8:30, so it's already dark at that time. Maybe I'll get out when it's light out again to snap a shot to share with you.

Meanwhile, look at the "new" blooms in my yard.

I think that this is actually a starfighter instead of the stargazer that we thought it was. It looks like two of them face a bit upwards, but one doesn't. I'm not even sure what the difference between the two are other than that. I'd research it, but I'm busy researching my family lines on now. Maybe I'll take the time later this year.

I've introduced you to my Royal Candles Speedwell, Angelina Sedum, and the delphinium before, but I haven't shown you the Lamb's Ear yet. Isn't she lovely? I love the soft velvety texture and the pale purple blooms. I guess I don't have the best lighting in this picture either, but who has time to take all the best pictures when you're as busy a woman as me anyway? Sorry.

My Shasta Daisy Becky is smiling beautifully too. Not too many bees or butterflies around though. I wonder if the birds are eating them all?

And let us not forget the wonderful Echinacea. Would you look at how happy it is?

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