Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Land of Plenty

Well, I looked while I attempted to paint the shed for my gardening olympics entry. Our friend the Idaho Gardener is hosting an event for us gardeners to go along with the other olympics. I found that I've got plenty of nothing. If you're an eternal optomist like me though, I've got plenty of...

work left of the shed. Apparently it is too hot and humid today to finish painting it, so I guess the rest will have to wait. I've got plenty of good tips to share about painting too, but I'll save that for another post.

Plenty of wild blackberries. Yum. We picked the ripe ones and boy are they good. At least with these I know when they're ready to be picked, unlike the cherries we just missed out on. Hopefully I'll end up with plenty of blackberry jam too!

Also plenty of wildflowers,

wild life (who like to breed around here it seems),

and football practices, games, and scrimmages. My son is excited to be in football. Soon they will be getting their uniforms. Next weekend is their first game which also means plenty of driving too.

I also have plenty of things I don't have a picture to share with you. This plenty includes scrap lumber, ancestry research, craft ideas, days til school starts, and miles to drive to the cemetary to see FIL's grave (and do yet more ancestry research) today since it's too hot to follow through on our shed painting plans.

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