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Do NOT Copy

Where in the World Have I Been?

Sorry, I haven't been frequenting blogs as much as usual in the last week or so, but I've been off doing some family research. You see, I was a free member of for about a year or so. It drove me crazy not being able to see the parent's names and surnames when all of those wonderful records came up. There was this wonderful treasure trove of information out there and I could see it, touch it, but learn little from it. I was getting nowhere fast. I didn't really have the money, I know I really shouldn't have subscribed to it without considering how I was going to pay the fee. Finally though it just didn't matter to me anymore. I just had to break down the barriers that were keeping me from learning things that have been easily found for me this last week. I've been on the site almost every moment that I have been awake.

This post is for you Brenda. I want to give you hope that you can do it too. I wouldn't really consider myself particularly smart or really very talented of a researcher. Anyone can do what I have done. I just got lucky to have so many recent family members born in a state with easily accessible information. I'm not very experienced, but if I can attempt to answer any questions you may have about starting your research process. I wish you much luck, I've had much so far.

It's been too hot to get the painting done, it would simply dry too fast and create a more brittle finish than I'd care to tend to. If I painted in this weather I'd be painting again next summer for sure. No thanks! I have every intention to visit my friends when I turned on the computer. I check my email, but the temptation was too great. I couldn't resist the call of my ancestors.

When I got started with my ancestry research, I didn't have a whole lot to go on. The names of my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. A few great grandparents too, but I didn't know much about them. About any of them really. I may have given up if infomation didn't start falling into my lap so easily.

I was fortunate that many of my relatives were born in MN so I could access their birth certificates with their first and last name, birth year, and parent's names. Then I could use that information to find them in the census records. I like the ones that include all of the household's names on them. You'd be amazed how many family members I discovered that way.

I added 99 people to my tree yesterday alone. If only some of them were online maybe I could make contact with my 5th cousins or whatever they'd be to me. Only a few are researching the same people as I am. I have attempted to contact some of them, but so far I've only heard back from one of them. I'll keep working at it, but I'm sure the going is going to start being much less easy soon.

I suppose it will be cooling down too. Cheesehead is on vacation next week, so after we help his mom get some stuff done this weekend, we'll be heading home to attempt to finish our shed. I hope we can spend at least one day doing something fun though. We're thinking about going to the MN state fair, but those trips can end up being a bit costly...

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