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Harvesting the Hazelnuts

We have two varities of hazelnut bushes in our woods. They are growing thickly out there too. We only saw a few that looked ready to pick today though. The squirrels have been busy out there, there are quite a few that have been removed from their umm... shells? pods? Whatever.

I like the star shaped variety better than the long necked ones when it comes to picking them.

The ones that have long necks are full of sticky little bristles that cling to you like mad. I think next time I harvest the nuts, I will be wearing a good pair of gloves. The bristles aren't painful, but are super annoying just the same. I found a good way to remove the bristles from my skin was to rub the leaves from the bush, it seems to get most of them out. They are easier to avoid the bristles if you grab them by the neck to pick them off the plant. They don't come off the tree easily until they're brown. I don't think the green ones are ripe anyway.

The ones I refer to as "star shaped" have a kind of gooey/sticky coating on them when they aren't ripe. The pods are closed tightly around the nut too, they are completely encased. They appear to be ready to be picked once you can see the brown nuts inside. The pods curl back and remind me somewhat of leaves. They also turn brown like the other ones, but they can be picked once they curl off the nut.

I haven't yet figured out how to prepare them for eating, but I'm trying to look it up. I know that you have to do something to nuts prior to eating them, but what that is leaves me just a bit clueless. That's nothing new though, is it? I guess most people out there that talk about hazelnuts aren't interested in harvesting them or something.

Most of the information I have found are recipes that use them with chocolate or coffee.

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