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Chicken Soup for the Football Player

Another crazy busy day is drawing to a close. We had quite a hectic morning around here. I made son put his own pads into hisfootball game pants again today, I had to listen to plenty of complaints about the twisted belt while I worked in the kitchen, but he's a smart boy and got it all figured out eventually.

I had to scour the fridge for some food for Cheesehead to bring to eat at work today. Many people buy lunches when they go to work, but we really can't afford that luxury at this point so I NEEDED to find something he would eat. I hope I am able to scrounge up some more, I have $5 in our grocery budget until next paycheck. It sure would be nice if Mom would send more than just enough to cover the utilities and insurance for the MN house when she sends us her rent this month. The last couple of months that's what she's done so our food supply is rapidly dwindling. I hate to say anything to her about it though since my recently divorced sister is expecting her 5th child any day. Sister is unable to work right now and for probably a couple of months after and she has not been at her job long enough to get paid disability time. She is also battling her first ex-husband for custody of her two oldest children. I hate to worry anyone with my itty bitty problems. I know God will help us muddle through somehow. I just wish we could get that house sold so I don't have to have the foreclosures finalized. My first mortgage is in the process of forclosing and my second has turned me over to a collection agency because I haven't been able to afford to pay them either. I really wish the bank hadn't forced me to take that second out on that house, I wouldn't have to worry quite a much. We are very nervous that they are going to try to get a judgement against us even though we've done everything we possibly can to get our home sold. I'd appreciate if if people out there could say some prayers for us to get our family through this bumpy time.

Once Cheesehead's lunch pail was securely packed with enough food for two meals, I started to try to figure out what the kids and I would be eating today. I found three pieces of chicken in the fridge. I could have just had us eat them for one meal with ech of us getting one piece, but since money is tight and we are trying to eat healthier anyway, I managed to stretch it into two meals. Both of which the kids complained about. Go figure!

Lunch was chicken salad sandwiches sans veggies I put in last time. Son didn't complain too hard and managed to choke the sandwich down this time, but Peanut refused to even touch her sandwich no matter what I did. SIGH.

I knew we had some errands to run in town and we'd be getting home around dinner time, so I made dinner in the slowcooker before we left for the game too. I made some chicken soup so we could just serve it up and eat right when we got home. While neither of the kids seemed to care much for it, I helped myself to two generous portions of it. There are plenty of leftovers too, looks like I've got my lunch for every day next week already made! I'll have chicken soup coming out my ears by week's end.

My chicken soup recipe was quite simple actually. I used the meat from the two chicken breasts which I diced, 3 chopped stalks of celery (including the tops that just a few months ago I used to discard), 1/2 an onion chopped, uncooked rice in an unknown quantity, a can of sliced carrots, leftover green beans, garlic salt, chicken broth, and seasoned salt. I added plenty of water, set the pot on low and it cooked while we were gone. The house smelled wonderful when we returned.

Today was also picture day. We were the second people from the Gators team to get there today. I made a point of being extra early today so I couldn't be belittled and made to feel small anymore. I am thankful that son was able to get his individual picture taken before the game since I figured he'd be filthy after the game. Luckily he has such short hair that the sweat under his helmet didn't affect his hari style in the least.

I saw the coach that looked me up at practice shaking son's hand. When I asked son about it later son reported that the coach told him that he was glad we got there on time. I asked son if he mentioned the lateness from last time had nothing really to do with us, but he's too nice to say anything either.

You'll notice that OUR scoreboard is off in the above picture. Hmm, I guess the electricity to run it costs too much or something. Oh well!

Peanut made several friends in the three hours we hung around the football stadium. Somehow she managed to get dirtier than my son who was out on the field did.

It was another good game. While the ending score ended up being close to the last game's score, this team put up a better defense. We were able to switch the lines without having to scramble to make special arrangements this time. The ending score was 22-0 this time earned throughout the whole game this time. I think having a team big enough to form two completely seperate lines helps our players stay rested, fresh, and on top of their game.

I thought this picture was funny. If you look on the far right side of the screen you'll see a player with both hands raised above his shoulders in a kind of "I don't know" gesture and a small boy wrapped around his legs. That's son. When I asked him about the picture he said he didn't want to get a penalty called on him for touching the kids so he made sure everyone could see he wasn't. He's a big time rule follwer and knows all of the professional football player rules. He gets a bit upset at times when penalties don't get called on some of the kids who break the rules.

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