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Do NOT Copy

Another Political Rant

Sorry, I don't usually discuss politics here. Somehow I just felt I needed to share my response to a friend's financial solution idea, I don't think many people think of the greed of individuals and I wanted to shine some more light on this problem. My friend Ael on myspace thought that each person with a primary residence should be given 20K to get them out of difficulty (That's the jist of it, there is much more to her idea which I find intelligently put together I might add)

While your plan seems like a decent one on the surface, I can't help but think that a plan like that couldn't work very well for people in my circumstances. The home I NEED to sell isn't my primary residence so I wouldn't qualify for it the way you have it set up. Even if I did, how is paying the bank the amounts I owe them going to owe them when I can't afford to keep paying them in the future? I'd be right back at square one. I need money to be out there for other people to buy my house (who can really afford it without using creative financing options thank you very much).

I know I was stupid and gullible for falling all of the bank and realtor's lies and lines, maybe I deserve what I'm getting. Maybe they deserve it too.

Part of the problem with our current situation in our country as a whole is that people are being greedy. They are buying new houses knowing they won't be able to sell their house for what they owe, but unwilling to take the loss out of their pocket, they are passing the pain on to everyone else. These people and bank executives who are taking huge payouts need to be stopped to save the rest of us from this economic meltdown.

Had I known what situation my family would be in at this point I would have never moved, I would have kept my house and stayed there and not let Brian take the job transfer. The problem is that SOME people CAN afford to pay their payment, but they choose not to because they can buy a bigger house now for a smaller payment in these economic times. It's cruel and greedy, but it's a fact. It makes me sick. I guess techincally I sort of could be lumped into this group too, except for the fact that I ammased a ton of credit card debt in order to legitamately sell my house and worked my but off to make it the best house in town. More stupid decisions I am sure, but I was trying to be an honest and responsible person.

I do agree that politicians shouldn't be pushing their agendas through on these emergency measures like this. I think each thing should be voted on seperately and not all thrown together as a package deal. If it sounds like a good idea, it will pass. If it doesn't the tax payers won't have to pay for it just because it was hidden in a huge bill that no one had the time to read or understand before voting for it!

All of this chaos and turmoil is making my stomache churn. We need practical changes in our government, we need to elimate the ability of people to be life long politicians, and we need to change the whole contribution to candidacy rules. Maybe we should both run for political office to bring some intelligence and compassion to the political system!

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