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Do NOT Copy

The Munchkins Trick or Treat

Cheesehead had to work today so the kids and I made the most of a cloudy dreary day. I was able to feel mostly human after the second dose of medicine and using a whole box of kleenex to blow my nose. The kids were kind enough to make breakfast and unload the dishwasher for me. I spent the morning on the couch checking out blogs and contacting family members about my ancestry stuff.

We decided to carve the pumpkin today. The kids were very into it. They got out knives and got right to work. They didn't mind helping me to scoop the seeds out, but when it came to getting the guts out it became my job somehow. How peculiar. I'll roast the seeds tomorrow, I just don't feel energetic enough today.

Okay, I know I said I was going to take it easy today but we also got out the halloween decorations and put them up. My computer is being uncooperative at this time though so I'll have to show you later. I'll have to show you the crafts I made previous years later too. Isn't technology jusy peachy?

Since the kids were so nice this morning, I couldn't skip taking them to town. To lift my spirits a little bit more I decided to join in the dress-up fun too. Peanut was Darth Vader, Son was Luke Skywalker, and I was Princess Leia. Peanut's costume was the only store bought costume. Son's was a black hooded sweatshirt, black sweatpants, a long piece of black scrap fabric used as a cape and a light sabre (as he would have looked in Return of the Jedi). Mine was a hole cut in the middle of a white sheet with an afro wig in two pony tails. Okay, not exactly the most elegant costume ever but oh well. It was fun. A few people even named me by name without me having to tell them who I was supposed to be so I guess I couldn't have done too badly.

Once we were done downtown I took the kids to see their dad at work. Cheesehead was hiding his face when he saw I was dressed up too, I think he was laughing at me. He asked if anyone else saw me. Of course they did!

The rest of the night was actually mostly spent lounging around. Peanut had checked the Bee Movie out from the library so we watched that tonight before Cheesehead was too tired and fell asleep.

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