Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Tooth fairy MIA at our Place

Oh my. The tooth fairy forgot to visit my 11 year old son last night, if she's anything like me she can be a bit forgetful at times. He just lost a pre-molar while we were watching a Harry Potter movie together yesterday. It took a long time for him to loose it too.

He told me this morning that he knew that the tooth fairy doesn't exsist now, right in front of his 7 year old sister. It wasn't time for a deep philosophical discussion while they were getting ready for school either. What should I say?

I made up some excuses for her. Maybe they sounded a bit far flung?

1. Maybe she didn't have the money for such a big tooth so she was saving up.
2. Perhaps she thought he didn't believe in her so she decided not to come any more.
3. Was she stranded in a snow storm somewhere else in the country?
4. He is so big maybe she thought it was a grownup tooth that fell out because he didn't brush it often enough.
5. If she has trouble like I do she maybe just went to the bank for her monthly spending money and hasn't had a chance to break her bills for smaller ones and she couldn't afford to give him such a big bill.
6. Possibly she couldn't find his room because the door was closed and she wasn't used to that.
7. Was his room too messy? Maybe she was afraid of hurting herself in there.

Hopefully he and Cheesehead have a real discussion on the way to school this morning. I suppose he's a bit old for my being so silly, but I'm not ready to be done with it all just yet. My daughter's only 7. What should I do?

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