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Is Your House Clean? Really?

I am a stay at home mom most days with a few subbing jobs thrown in for good measure, as most of you may know. I pride myself on keeping a clean house that is almost always ready for company. (Well, if you promise to stay out of the kids' bedrooms that is....)

Since the weather is showing no signs of warming up enough to make me feel like opening the windows, I decided to put the storm windows in place. I wiped all of the windows down, made sure the plastic sealing strips were all firmly in place and then I slid the storm window into place. It really wasn't taking long so I was feeling rather pleased with my progress on today's to-do list. We had a few minor mold problems in the past, but I've been doing a good job of keeping the windows wiped and free of long standing condensation... or so I thought. Imagine my surprise then when I was preparing for the inevitable winter today when I found THIS in my bedroom!

Everyone with me now.... EEEEW!!!!! Geez, no wonder my allergies have been so bad this year. YIKES. I guess that will teach me to remember to clean every window in my house except my bedroom. Maybe I shouldn't have my bed under my window after all. It made me start to wonder what else I may be forgetting to clean. Now I'll have to get out the search lights and take a gander around my house.

I guess it's kind of an out of sight, out of mind type of mistake! Maybe those people who live in older homes have the right idea, if this home weren't so darn air tight I wouldn't have this problem. I suppose it would cost me a lot more in heating bills so it's kind of a trade off. What do I do to eliminate these problems?

My old house had these same kinds of problems in them. It seems to happen more in homes with wood windows, they're beautiful but can pose a real health problem. I suppose it's more because of the availability of food product for the mold to feast on along with the excess of moisture.

Don't be fooled into buying new windows thinking that it will solve your problem, been there done that. It didn't help! Don't waste your money. The salesman said we had black mold and I needed to replace all of the windows immediately. Yeah, he didn't have a motivation to scare me into buying new windows now, did he? Rack it up to being young and gullible trying to do everything I could to improve my family's health. I suppose I should have thought to ask where he got his PH D in mold studies, but I bought the $12,000 window package instead.

My advise? Clean all of your windows every other month at least, if not more often. Don't keep your blinds closed all the way to the bottom all of the time either, this allows for air flow between the blind and the window. The condensation can evaporate more readily then also. If you can't keep up you may also consider investing in an energy efficient dehumidifier.

I have also begun wondering if it would be worthwhile to buy some of the mold inhibiting cleaners they sell for bathrooms, but I suppose bleach would be more cost effective.

Have you ever had this happen? What did you do to keep the problem from returning? What do you do to prepare your house for winter?

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