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Christmas Bug

Poor Peanut. She's been feeling under the weather since the 23rd with a low grade fever and a bit of a sour tummy. I was hoping that she'd feel better today, she had big plans to go to Grandma's house with her tonight.

Last night her fever broke and I was so happy for her. We all went to bed in a great mood. I'd never seen the kids so quickly scamper off to bed when I suggested they go! Peanut still wasn't feeling the best so she didn't remember to put out any milk and cookies for Santa. Well, the cookies were on a counter nearby so Santa could just grab a few if he wanted them and we have some skim milk in the fridge too...

She knew that she wouldn't be able to go to Grandma's house if she was sick, so when we asked her this morning how she was feeling she said she felt a lot better. Color had returned to her cheeks and she ripped into her presents (though not quite as enthusiatically as she normally would). The charade continued until her cover was blown.

I guess I should have noticed that she still wasn't feeling well when she didn't mention the fact that we didn't have as many presents under the tree as usual. We'd already had a talk about it earlier this month, so I assumed she was just being polite (unlike son).

I noticed her fever when I went to hug her to thank her for the wonderful calendar that she made for us. BUSTED!!!! When I took her temperature the thermometer read 103.6. No grandma's house for her. If she's not feeling well tomorrow she's going to see the doctor!

The poor thing was so upset that she started to cry. She's got grandma wrapped around her little finger! She was bribed with more presents if she'd stop crying. Grandma even fed her some ice cream and jello as if she were a baby.

She keeps complaining that her stomach hurts and she is afraid she is going to be sick. She hasn't eaten in several days, of COURSE her stomach hurts. Um, she's hungry, right???? Can I convince her of that? NO!

So, while Christmas was nice it sure could have been better.

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