Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy


I've been dealing with my enormous bank that I'm still trying to sever ties with. Many of you already know some of the reasons and I won't go into those right now. It's just such a headache to deal with these places. I can't get a straight answer from anyone either which increases my stress levels enormously.

What am I dealing with this time? Apparently my debit card number and information was stolen and used to purchase something in Utah from some Bean place (?). The number they gave the bank rings through to a voice mail whose message box is full. How entirely professional. I called them AFTER I called the bank to report the fraudulent use of my card. The bank has yet to take any action on this matter. My account is STILL negative $134.xx dollars.

I found out on the 23rd when I was notified via automatic email of yet another bounced check. That would be the same day Peanut got sick while I was attempting to make my butter cookieswith too much milk (don't even ask!). Nice.

I know we didn't do it, we drained all accounts at that bank and I'm just waiting for them to process the account closures that I wrote to them about. They should at least notify me of what further actions I need to take since I wrote them a letter, shouldn't they? The card was cut up after I sent the letter closing the accounts and Cheesehead hasn't had a card since we moved here. I closed the account via a letter I sent to the Elk River office the middle of last month right after they stole all of my money without notification or explanation. Now what?

What in the world is hapening to my life anyway? What am I doing wrong? What in the world am I supposed to be doing? Why me? Will this hell on earth EVER end?

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