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Christmas Cookies for Santa

You may remember my Christmas cookie poll. I thought some of you might be wondering what ever came of those Christmas cookies we made for Santa.

The results were amazing! Almost 50% of the voters chose frosted butter cookies, so that was the hands down winner. The next closest was the peanut butter balls with about 30% of the vote, followed by banana bread with 15%, fudge with 10%, and a tie between russian tea cakes and caramel popcorn with 5%. Apple sauce got no votes.

Being a family of little restraint, we decided to make both the frosted butter cookies AND peanut butter balls for Santa. He's a hard working guy and we wanted to reward him for his efforts.

I just LOVE butter cookies. I can NOT go a Christmas without making them. The kids and I usually have SO much fun decorating them together. They didn't work out as well as usual this year though for some reason.

I imagine it was because the butter got a little too melted when I softened it in the microwave, but I really am just guessing at that. I can't remember a time when I've had more difficulty making them! All of the liquid disappeared so I had to add some extra that doesn't normally get added.

Usually I add just a splash of milk even though the recipe doesn't call for any, I just think it adds a little something. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Yes! I will let you in on a lesson I learned the hard way. Too much milk makes your dough sticky. I suppose that's not a big deal if you aren't trying to roll the dough out to cut out cute little cookies.

Peanut and I were getting extremely frustrated with the dough sticking to the rolling pin. We had to add more flour. We kept adding and adding the flour until I didn't have any left. Argh! We managed to roll out the first set okay though, so I assumed it would be smooth sailing from here on out. How wrong I was!

Some of you may recall that Peanut wasn't feeling well. Cookie making day was the day it began. She decided that she was done and left me to do the cookies on my own. The dough was sticking to the rolling pin again. I was enraged. How much flour should I have had to use?

I gave up on rolling them out and used my hands to mold some shapes. After making a heart and a star I decided that was WAY too much work so I began dropping little balls on the cookie sheet. After filling only one sheet and seeing all of the dough I still had left I decided to put the rest of the dough on a pan and make bars instead.

With all of the other Christmas goodies most of the butter cookies were still awaiting consumption when we found out that Peanut had strep. She helped me make them! Needless to say the rest of them went into the garbage. Goodbye hard work. I'd rather not get strep. I sure am glad we didn't put them out for Santa now!

Thank goodness she didn't help with those peanut butter balls. They're to die for!
We'd probably all have strep if she'd been feeling well enough to help with them.

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