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Do NOT Copy

Strep Throat

Poor Peanut. How many days has she suffered now? But she acted like she was completely better yesterday so I didn't take her in to see a doctor as I had planned. She never really said much of anything about a sore throat, so I didn't really think much about that being a possibility.

She started acting sick again last night around dinner time (well, whining anyway) but I thought she was being her usual drama queen self. Isn't that horrible of me? But she hasn't eaten much in days so a stomache is bound to hurt when you're unusually hungry.

In the middle of the night she spiked a fever again. It was midnight. I was ready to take her to the doctor right then and there. Cheesehead said the roads would be too bad and Peanut said she was too tired and wanted to sleep first so we waited the night out. I slept fit fully and had a bunch of strange dreams. I'm sure she didn't sleep well either. I couldn't stand it anymore and just got myself up out of bed.

As the sky lightened up, I saw that super thick fog blocked my view to even be able to see the road in front of our house. It was raining this morning too while I awaited the troops' awakening. Luckily it is 41 degrees outside so the snow and ice was mostly melted off the roads. I took a shower and surfed around on the internet while I anxiously awaited their awakening.

I strong armed everyone into going to the walk in clinic this morning since the weather will be turning bad again tonight and tomorrow. We're supposed to get more rain and 3-5 more inches of snow. The weather will also turn colder so the roads will become icy again. Once she woke up I took her temperature and it was back up to 101. We bundled her up and got ready to leave.

Not much traffic was out this morning, the killer fog hung thick in the air. Peanut counted 100 cars (including those sitting in parking lots) during the 12 mile car ride to the doctor. She's been a real trooper, very brave and listening well. Cheesehead came with us too, which was nice. That way she didn't have to get dragged into the store when I went to get her prescription, more drinks, and more fever reducer medicine.

She was feeling so under the weather that she didn't get out of her pj's to go to the doctor. Everyone in the office admired her new Christmas pajamas. I told them I wished they made them in adult sizes. She has those warm flannely footed pajamas.

We are now safely back home vowing not to leave the house again this weekend.

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