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'Twas The First Day of Winter

I hope you enjoy the poem I wrote for Cheesehead. He's been a little down lately and I tried to be a bit silly to cheer him up. Have a very Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before then!

'Twas the first day of winter,
and all through the store,
The shelves were all laden,
with low prices galore.

The prices were all hung
for the big sale the next day,
In hopes to sell it all
and have enough money to pay.

The children were fighting,
on the way to their cars,
The moms told them to stop
or they'd see lots of stars.

With Cheesehead in his apron,
of bright red and green,
The aisles were all quiet
not a customer to be seen.

When up at the front end
there arose such a commotion,
It seemed the employees moved
in super slow motion.

Away to the front end
Cheesehead ran with such speed,
Everyone was so amazed
they practically peed.

The lightbulbs glowed
inside the numbers so luminous,
the number of checkouts open
looked to be numerous.

Santa was there
with carts full of toys,
To give out on Christmas
to good girls and boys.

With prices so low
he couldn't refuse,
He sent all the elves
on a holiday cruise.

More rapid than race cars
he unloaded his cart,
He added his total,
and boy he looked smart!

There's Crayola, and puzzles,
and balls, lots of sleds,
Brightly dressed dolls,
with big floppy heads.

He saved so much money
on his purchases that day,
He'd have enough money
to buy a new sleigh.

His money it jingled
as he gave the cashier
The biggest sweet smile,
she thought it was dear.

The gifts he gave on Christmas
brought so much joy,
To the faces of all,
each girl and boy.

To all who would listen,
Cheesehead said with a grin,
Merry Christmas to all,
let the new year begin!

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