Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

I Just Had to Laugh

Here we are, the coldest days of the season so far. Schools all around us are closing because of extreme cold. Tomorrow we are supposed to have windchills of 35 to 45 below (f, don't ask me to make the conversions) through noon. Brrr! I sure am glad we got those heaters installed in the kids' bedrooms this weekend or they'd be freezing down there.

MIL called and told us how all of the schools around their house were closing left and right, so we decided to turn off the bowling tournament to watch the news.

I have never seen the kids watch the news so intently, waiting for Rhinelander to scroll across the bottom of the screen as closed tomorrow. When it started to get close to the R's it seemed to cut right to commercial. I thought that he was going to have a heart attack he was so worked up.

Son was being so loud MIL just had to hang up the phone, she couldn't stand listening to him. I sent Peanut off to take a bath and told Son to settle down. He started chanting "Rhinelander, Rhinelander,..." as the schools flashed across the bottom of the screen. She started chanting from the bathtub. It was really quite funny. I tried to tell them they hadn't made the decision yet, but apparently I don't know anything.

How did I know that the decision hadn't been made? We have this fancy system that calls the district residents with messages such as delays, closings, and special messages. It always calls us before the closing would go through to the news.

I told them to watch for schools around us to close because that is usually taken into consideration. Tomahawk and Wausau were the first ones nearby to close.

Peanut was going to wear her pj's inside out for luck. Evidently her teacher told her that her son had done this once and school was closed the next day, so she thought it would be worth a shot.

Then the phone rang. Anticipation hung thick in the air. The children breathlessly waited until the caller id flashed school district of Rhinelander across the screen. Then they cheered and hooted so loudly I could barely hear the message. It's a good thing that it was a recorded message because I think the person on the other end would have gone deaf. My ears are still ringing.

I guess that means they'll be here to help me with my bloom day post. Lucky me.

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