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Do NOT Copy

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day January 2009

It is SO cold here today that school was cancelled. Take a look at our thermometer.

Once you factor in the wind chills it feels like it's between 30 and 45 below zero F. Needless to say, I am NOT going outside to get pictures for you this time. On the 15th of each month, Carol from May Dreams Gardens hosts Garden blogger's bloom day. This time of year is hard for us cold climate gardeners to come up with anything to post about. I'll show you why.

It's supposed to remain this cold until noon on Friday so the kids are hoping for another day off from school.

Okay, apparently none of my pictures of the thermometer turned out very well. In case you can't see it the actual temperature reads -20.

As you can see from this view out the front living room window, my gardens are covered with a thick blanket of snow. I sure am grateful for all of that snow on a day like today. If they didn't have the insulation of the snow I'd hate to think of what might happen to the plants!

You'd think I lived in an old home with frost like that on the windows. I'm not exactly sure why they're like that. I suppose part of the reason is the cold outside, but it's crazy. I replaced the windows in my old house because they were like that but I'm not making that mistake again. It was like flushing money down the drain when I went to sell it.

This window had the blind closed all night, so I can understand the ice buildup around the edges. Do you see it? Usually keeping the blinds closed leads to condensation, but it's so cold outside that the condensation is freezing. It seems like the furnace is almost running constantly at these temperatures.

What will I do until spring? Dream of warmer days, plan future gardens, research plants to grow for the family, look up organic ways to keep our gardens pest free, and cuddle up under a nice thick pile of blankets with books or plant and seed catalogs.

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