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Do NOT Copy

GBBD April 2009

Before I start, I'd like to say a big thank you Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting the monthly garden bloggers bloom day on the 15th of every month. I like to see what's growing around the world. It's especially great when my garden is bloom less. I never realized how long I went without blooms before....

Now you're probably wondering what's blooming in my yard. Come, take a peek!

Umm, nothing. At least there are signs of life though....

The stores just got a scant amount of flowers in the other day but I had no money to buy any. I'll just have to be patient for my current plants to begin growing. There are only two perennials that have started to awaken from their winter slumber. This one is filling in wonderfully, but you could barely see the green of the bleeding heart even in an extreme close up so I left it out.

Well, I guess there is a pussy willow showing off it's fuzziness.

Another month has passed and the snow is finally almost gone. The temps are warming steadily and the yard is now no longer muddy. Hurrah!

Time to start putting in those new vegetable gardens in raised beds. Then there's the herb garden I want to start. Don't forget the back yard landscaping. I hope my plans aren't too overly ambitious. Something tells me that they are....

The tulips are slowly awakening and stretching into the warming sunshine.

Look at the ground near that tulip, do you see more evidence left by the Easter bunny? Or is that from the naughty bunny that lives under my shed?

Some of the buds are swelling a little. Usually they're a bit more full right now, but we're in a severe drought. Maybe I shouldn't have wished away all of that extra snow that was threatening us earlier this spring.

I sure hope it rains soon.

I'm a bit confused about the temperature.

This thermometer says it's about 70, but my other one seems to disagree...

it says the temp is about 40. Do either of them work?

At least my body can tell me it's warm enough not to have to wear a jacket. The flies were a buzz in the warm afternoon of sunshine. It seemed like the yard was alive with swarms of flies. I guess that means the toads should be fat and happy this year. A couple of them landed on one of the wooden tulips offering a wonderful photo op.

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