Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Happy Easter

Guess who stopped by our house last night!

Look, there's even some evidence left behind. EEEWWW. Cadbury's creme eggs are one of my favorite Easter candies. What is your favorite?

WHEW! I can't believe how crazy things have been lately. I want to apologize for not visiting with everyone recently. I have gotten my master bedroom painted and decorated, as well as finally finishing the bathroom. I even got the craft room organized. It doesn't look pretty, but it'll be nice and functional. I hope I'm able to throw some drywall over the studs soon, I don't like the view down there right now.

Then there's all of the pictures I've uploaded onto my computer, the ancestry research, the hat I've crocheted, the researching ways to get son healthier since the doctors can't find anything wrong with him, the seeds I started, and doing the plumbing in our new bathroom. Geez, I'm making myself tired just thinking about it all!

I hope to be by your blogs soon, but the snow's almost melted so I'm sure we'll be installing the vegetable gardens next weekend....

Have a wonderful Easter!

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