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Weird Question

My mom told me that someone bought the house finally. It's about time, we moved out almost 3 years ago now!

They must have put in the offer right as it went into foreclosure. I'm assuming this since they were already moving in a couple of weekends ago. It was supposed to be "officially" foreclosed on December 16. We never heard anything about it from the bank and had trouble getting the utilities straightened out because the bank refused to notify them and I couldn't just shut everything off because of the cold weather rules. (Yet another mess!)

Anyway... the neighbor told us these people moved in a little while ago.

(Sorry about all of the rambling, but I think that some people are wondering about what happened to our house.) My question is... would it be stupid of me to write the new owners a letter about where to find everything and what some of the stuff is for? (ie fertigation tank, liquid fertilizer, NOT asking Green Lawn for sprinkler system maintenance, etc)

MN house chapter CLOSED!!!! FINALLY! Hurrah! (Though I still may share my former gardens if I can ever get the pictures from the old computer.)

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