Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy


Well, it's official now. The vegetable garden is done for the year. I heard we were expecting a killing frost on the news a few nights ago. I'm sure glad I listened otherwise we would have had a whole lot of wasted tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and beans. All of the plants looked droopy and down cast. Don't be sad guys, you'll help to give my new raised garden bed some organic matter to mix into the soil.

I got anything that was a decent size worth saving, picked it , and brought them inside. Some of them were just about ready to pick anyway, though I prefer them if they are ripened on the vine. It couldn't be helped though. I was so done with hauling plant coverings around I decided I could be done. I gave it a good try, right?
Yesterday morning the tomato plants caught my eye as I was headed out for my third job of the school year. The deep white on the plants looked pretty, especially with the large crystals on them. I wished as I rushed past that I had time to take a picture of them, they were gorgeous all dressed in white. Too bad I had windows to scrape and kids to get off to school.

They looked extra sad this morning. I guess I'll be pulling plants for the compost pile when I'm done chatting with you.

Seeing the van windows again this morning sure made me glad I didn't have to rush off to work again this morning! Did I ever mention how I hate to scrape my windows? I really need to make some time to get my van back into the garage so I don't have to worry about such things. The sun sure looks pretty when it glints off the tiny ice crystals. They remind me of diamonds.

My poor hydrangea never did make it's debut on my gbbd post. I can't believe I forgot to make a post in September. I suppose it was a pretty busy month. Before they turned brown they were a wonderful shade of pink.

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