Do NOT Copy

Do NOT Copy

Plant Soil Experiment Progress

This is WAY better than I ever dreamed it would be! Do you remember when I planted my two baskets with exactly the same plants? I did one basket of home made mixture and one basket of expensive soil mixture.


Look at the difference!

This is the plant that I used the expensive soil. It's a little bigger than the size it started as. If I hadn't done the other basket, I wouldn't know that it's better to make my own mixture.

I know that this is the one I used my personal soil mixture for. I know, because the only difference between the petunias was the stripping. I planted the one with stripes in MY mixture. Do you see the stripes? Maybe not, the picture isn't the best.

They are both exposed to the same amount of sunlight. They hang not far from each other, as you can see. They get equal amounts of water as well. Neither of them has received any additional plant food either.

Can you see the difference?

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